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Welcome to the heart of our furry family! Meet Bella, our spirited AussieDoodle mom, a delightful 45-pound bundle of joy with the softest fur imaginable. Her clean DNA profile ensures a healthy lineage that forms the foundation of our lovable puppies. On the other side of the gene pool, we have Cash, a remarkable 80-pound standard poodle known for his extraordinary intelligence and unwavering calmness, complementing Bella perfectly.

In a momentous event on September 26th, Bella and Cash proudly welcomed a precious litter of adorable puppies into the world. These little bundles of joy are now receiving meticulous care, including first and second vaccinations, and each one is being microchipped for added security. Join us in celebrating this special occasion, and perhaps, consider bringing home one of these delightful pups to enrich your life with love and companionship!


Meet the Pups


Meet Zeus, the adorable AussieDoodle with a stunning tan and butterscotch merle coat, white belly, and paws. His captivating blue eyes reflect his affectionate nature. Zeus is not just a visual delight but a cuddle connoisseur, ready to fill your life with warmth and unwavering companionship. Get ready for enchantment, affection, and the irresistible charm of Zeus!

Price: $2,000



Meet Zion, the charming brown and tan merle with captivating blue eyes. He's a vision of calm and charm, finding joy in simple pleasures and responding eagerly to affection. In lively yard escapades, he stands out as a serene observer, a loyal companion ready to bring serenity, affection, and enchantment to your life.

Price: $2,000



Meet Zeke, the chocolate sweetheart with captivating green eyes and a charming white chest. His sweet and slightly shy personality shines in every gentle interaction. Zeke finds joy in belly rubs and playful moments, making him a lovable companion ready to bring warmth and joy into your life!

Price: $2,000



Meet Zowie, the captivating black female with a charming white nose and belly. Sweet and playful, she's a lovable companion ready to bring joy and unexpected fun into your life. Get ready for laughter and heartwarming moments with this charming black-and-white beauty!

Price: $2,500



Meet Ziley, the spunky merle with a vibrant personality. This bundle of joy craves attention and thrives on affection. Ready to steal your heart, Ziley is all about endless cuddles and boundless love. Get ready for delightful moments with this captivating furry friend!

Price: $2,500

Ziley correct one 2_edited.jpg



Meet Zulu, the dazzling white female with mesmerizing shades of grey, black, and orange. A social butterfly, she thrives on affection and playfulness. Zulu is not just a pet; she's a living masterpiece ready to fill your world with love, laughter, and unforgettable moments.

Price: $2,500



Meet Zelda, the epitome of canine coolness with her sleek, all-black coat. While initially composed, she transforms into the ultimate treat enthusiast with a flair for following commands. Zelda is not just chic and charming but downright cheeky, ready to bring a delightful mix of fun and excitement into your life!

Price: $2,500


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