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Located atop Naches Heights, Doodlevines offers breathtaking views of the scenic Yakima Valley. With its picturesque pond, stunning vineyards, and a spacious event center, it is the ultimate destination for unique outdoor celebrations. The venue welcomes furry friends, as it is dog-friendly, ensuring ample time for joyous and fun-filled events.

"Everyone deserves to celebrate and enjoy the beauty of nature"

At DoodleVines, we are proud to be a family-owned business. We are animal lovers, wine enthusiasts, and dedicated to creating an unforgettable experience for every guest. Our Winery and Event Center offers a wide selection of wines to choose from, as well as a cozy atmosphere for private events.

We invite you to explore our grounds, enjoy our wines, and experience the DoodleVines difference for yourself. We are located only four miles from downtown as well! With our lovely owners and attention to detail, we are sure you will have a memorable visit

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Doodlevines winery and event center





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2410 Naches Heights Rd, Yakima, Washinton 98908, USA

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