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DoodleVines Private Events

Doodlevines is the perfect venue for any private event. We welcome a wide range of gatherings, from corporate meetings, wine tasting events, to joyous graduation parties. Our goal is to create a memorable and personalized experience for every event. No matter the nature of your event, our venue is fully equipped to deliver an unforgettable and customized experience for all private gatherings. Our advanced audiovisual infrastructure ensures a serene environment, enabling seamless collaboration and interaction among you and your team.


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Full Catering Area 


We can accommodate up to 75 people indoors in our event center. 

We can accommodate up to 200 people in out outdoor area. 

Our venue boasts a fully equipped, state-of-the-art catering kitchen.

We offer a cutting-edge sound system and 65-inch televisions, creating an ideal setting for fostering connections and engagement among coworkers and colleagues


We provide ample parking facilities that can accommodate a large number of attendees. Additionally, our venue is fully accessible for individuals with disabilities, ensuring everyone can comfortably participate in the event.

We here at DoodleVines want your event to be special.  Our team strives to offer the best package for your event as we provide the perfect place to hold the meeting, celebration or event. We believe in going the extra mile to ensure your are completely satisfied. Our service and our response is top notch.  We want your experience here at DoodleVines to be perfect!

Spending our careers working in healthcare we are fully committed to provide a space that offers a comfortable atmosphere with beautiful view and exceptional service.  Our promise to you is offering a place of happiness and joy that will inspire you to feel good.

Our Goal 

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2410 Naches Heights Rd, Yakima, Washinton 98908, USA

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